Office Woes

August 7, 2011

the phone rings- a dreaded call

heart sinking as you hear it all

numbers dancing in your brain,

and you think, ‘ dear me this is such a pain!

an increase in your ‘things to do’

helplessness tantamounts with this being task one hundred and two.


” We can only rely on you” , says the dignified Voice,

words like daggers in a jewelled sheath.

beautiful but capable of taking lives and

immediately you know that that paycheck’s on the line.


impossible tasks, impossible heights

they think you’re Superman with special powers

when really, you’re just Lois Lane

who is at this very moment

falling from a tower

That monday morning’s dreaded call

how you wish you

never answered it at all


The Beginning

August 3, 2011

So as an introductory post, I decided to create this blog to post my travel photos and writings. I figured it would be nice to have these two hobbies of mine in the same place =) I’ll try to stick to that and hopefuly minimize any rants that I might get tempted to post. happy viewing!