So I finally finished all 33 episodes of this taiwan/china collaboration drama and I have to say all those hours were worth it! It’s been a long time since I’ve been hooked to any taiwanese modern idol drama. In fact, I had pretty much given up on them until now. This drama brought me back to the old days, reminded me why I once upon a time very much enjoyed taiwanese idol drama- character development. They were always longer and more draggy, but in that way, you also got to know the character better.  That’s something lacking from Korean drama nowadays when they’re all only 13 episodes long and have loads to pack in. Also, all those cute, sweet, tense, heart stopping romantic scenes in mandarin! Chinese has gotta be one of the most beautiful languages ( or maybe it’s just because I understand it) It’s just so emotive 🙂

Anyway, back to the drama. It wasn’t the perfect drama. It had its flaws especially with the failure to wrap up some loose ends in the plot, turning those parts of the plot into red herring. However, I absolutely LOVED the characters. Their personalities were really quite….realistic, to the extent that sometimes I felt that I could see them as my friends, or maybe someone I would know. The rare thing about this drama is that I actually love ALL the characters. TJ, ZQ, JQ, XJ even TJ’s sister, mum and gosh even the butler! I just loved all all of them. Everybody was so believable.  They were not the most unique characters ever. XJ, the heroine was thankfully non annoying and it’s one of the few times that the heroine is not totally helpless/very clumsy and really innocent. XJ is your average girl but she’s smart, strong, determined and wants to succeed in life. Yes, she actually has self ambition, a quality that is usually not attached to the heroine of the drama. But that’s what makes her believable. Guys are not the no.1 priority in life.

Typically of course, XJ soon finds herself caught in between 2 gorgeous and vastly different guys TJ and ZQ. Both charming and likeable in their own way. ZQ is smouldering, charming, charismatic, enigmatic and sophisticated while TJ is just the sweetest, nicest, most considerate and caring guy ever- the supermodel vs the boy next door.  However, the twist is this: TJ, the protagonist starts off as the antagonist. For once the protagonist is not some cocky rich dude with a good heart. No, this time, our protagonist is the nice guy, the guy who is always there and never noticed while our antagonist is the cocky rich dude.  Of course, XJ falls for the striking and attractive ZQ and takes TJ’s presence beside her for granted. And that’s where we just see how sweeeeet TJ is! 🙂 :).  ZQ on the other hand is like any other cocky rich dude, a bit of a player. Yes, they always come with strings attached although the strings are always easily broken. In this case, the string’s pretty tight. We see his sizzling romance with JQ and the pair just look so smashing together that it’s hard to root for ZQ/XJ couple. But at the same time, XJ/ZQ strangely do complement each other quite nicely, each making up for what the other lacks which makes that couple pleasant to watch as well. ZQ’s character is interesting in the sense that he’s confused. He doesn’t immediately fall head over heels for XJ. Instead, he ends up sorta loving both. The bottom line is that he’s a two timer….but the drama gives ZQ enough screen time to allow the audience to understand his inner struggle.  Despite being confident and decisive in everything else, he’s confused, soft and uncertain in love. To be honest, I was not a fan of his personality but…hey he’s pretty hot. He totally and surprisingly won me over for a bit in the last 3 episodes though because he was bravely pursuing XJ. He was no longer uncertain or half hearted in who he loved and so that confident, suave demeanor shone from the inside too. Not just the outside, but on the inside and that made him OH SO COOL.

The Tang family was another aspect that I liked about the show because it reminded me of my own family, even the family make up is similar! Of course, the characters were endearing as well. It’s great to see a well bonded family instead of a bitchy one all the time. I love how Tang Min wasn’t given the evil sibling role which is so over used. Instead, she’s supportive and loving! It’s also nice to see how the mum seems like a dragon lady but then the drama reminds us that she is…a woman and she has her fragility as well. Was lovely seeing the family spirit within a small family of 3 people. Just shows that you don’t need those huge HK drama families to let you feel the warmth of one.

So…..all in all 胜女的代价 was a drama with a typical plot but with not so typical characters. The show’s success is in being able to slot in realistic personalities into a plot full of dramatic coincidence so that all that fluffy romance was kept intact but at the same time,  it managed to hit home and remind the viewer of real life.  Also it had beautiful actors and an awesome soundtrack which didn’t hurt 🙂

And did I mention the ending? SWEETNESS. okay I’ve talked enough, basically everyone needs to watch this drama to get back the nostalgia of the good old taiwanese idol drama. This is definitely good stuff 🙂