Nice Guy- Daebak!!

October 19, 2012

One of the best dramas ever since City Hunter! There’s so much intrigue in this one, it’s impossible not to be hooked! ¬†Soong Joong Ki’s Kang Maru is enigmatic yet predictable. We know deep down he’s a really good guy with a big heart but yet the circumstances of his life are such that you’d really believe it if it drove him to become a changed person. Love? He already loved once so deeply that everything he does now, you can’t really know for certain if he’s lying or telling the truth. Is he really in love for Eun Gi or is he just helping her because of guilt? His soliloquy during their date did nothing much to clarify this, Maru only saying that this was the first time he felt regret in life….how vague! Everything in this drama is so GREY and you can never know if people are really telling the truth or not, although there is enough clarity as to who are the good guys and the bad guys. This keeps the drama sufficiently exciting and gets you hooked because you actually find yourself rooting for the good guys. All the characters in this show are 3 dimensional…no one is totally bad or totally good which makes it all the more realistic. Even the bad guys….but at this point, it’s hard to feel any sympathy for them anymore.

The actors… they have amazing chemistry. Moon Chae Won is so naturally beautiful and her chemistry with Joong Ki is amazing! They make a really believable couple. Sigh, I’ve never been this tortured waiting ever since City Hunter. Which just demonstrates how awesome the drama is! There’s also the business side of things- the engaging power struggle to become the head of Tae San and all the scheming that goes behind it which gives more meat to the ongoing love triangle. Additionally, they even managed to worm in the typical drama tricks- amnesia, brain tumour, 4th wheel WITHOUT it coming across as being totally cheesy or tragic. In fact, these elements are inserted but not played out to full dramatic scale..just yet, which keeps viewers guessing as to whether things will play out the way they normally do. There’s just no predicting what’s going to happen next!

As of now at Episode 11- we have several issues that could go either way- Maru’s blood clot in the brain, Lawyer Park’s love for Eun Gi and the result of Eun Gi getting her memories back.

As you can tell, Nice Guy still has lots of tricks up its sleeve to keep viewers in suspense till the end and as a viewer, I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.