The Ocean

November 21, 2012

Standing before the ocean 

wondering when things are going to be put in motion

the waves will come and sweep us away

mercilessly, definitely

to an unknown location unless

I choose a direction

the current won’t wait

I see myself at the center of a brilliantly spiked star

the future shining bright…or in my eyes just

being as dark as night

Where do I go from here?

So many questions, so many fears,

if only I could just wash it all away with tears

Where do I go from here?

the ocean is vast and the current is coming

Where do I go, the future is calling. 



Finally, it’s finished.

November 17, 2012

So there it is. Finally, Finally our Maru and Eun Gi have the same mind and the same heart at the same time! After all the miscommunications, the misses, the holding back, they finally could share their love fully and wholeheartedly for each other. And then right after those fleeting 2minutes or so, of course, the scriptwriter had to add in some tragedy and leave us wondering on whether Maru actually survived or not. Nice Guy has been one of the best melodramas ever and after such an intense, emotional ride, I think I probably would have been ready to smack the scriptwriter had she not added in those last blissful moments at the end. I was slightly disappointed with the time jump thing, because usually it seems like a ploy to well, skip over the hard parts of elaborating and get to the end but in this case it kinda was necessary, it was the best they could do with their 1hr time slot. So anyway, after an entire episode hoping that Maru doesn’t die, I was a ball of nerves so it was nice to finally wind down and enjoy some peaceful light hearted scenes at the end. the sweeetest bestest part was the last scene. It was just….the most beautiful way to end this heavy weight drama. I was more or less predicting that there’d be a scene like that, where it’s Eun Gi’s turn to be chasing Maru, it’s his turn to lose the memory. Yeah, this drama is full of parallelism. But as i was  watching the last few minutes with that thought in mind, you can’t help but feel slightly cheated that Maru can’t remember any of the last 20hrs you spent agonizing, crying, waiting and fangirling over the beloved couple. Thankfully, the director added in that twist at the end when Maru produced the wedding rings from their prepared marriage- Maru remembers and Eun Gi looks at him with that look of understanding knowing that he now knows who she is and all they’ve been through to love each other and be together. That just made my day. The fact that their hard fought love was not forgotten and that they can also blissfully start anew just wrapped up the drama so perfectly.  All that pain…..was worth it.  Nice Guy was a great ride, no idea if I’ll be able to watch it again from the beginning but wow, it really was awesome while it lasted. Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won Hwaiting!!!