The Hole in the Universe

December 14, 2012

The Hole in the Universe

Sucked into the powers of a black oblivion

Size, strength and mass unknown

There’s a hole in the universe

And I’m falling, falling


Before, in the confines of a warm home

Was a pillow for my head and

Money for my bread

It was sustenance for the body and

In all good sense of the phrase- home for the weary


Sucked into the powers of a black oblivion

Size, strength and mass unknown

There’s this hole in the universe

And I’m falling, falling


This darkness is beautiful

Like that of the tempestuous sea

It’s the colour of obsidian, but why is it sparkling?

It’s the edge of a precipice but yet it’s here that I feel



I smile and laugh, in my mind I’m flying at full speed

The end is near but I cannot see

who cares, I’m flying….Or is this dying?

I’m in this hole in the universe

And I’m falling, falling



For all the initial disappointment that No Min Woo had awful curls, the girl an aphro and they had the most whacky looking clothes, it’s all gone now. This drama has been an awesome ride so far! I have to say all the cast look better on film than they do in pictures and on film….the whacky styles are actually not that hard to swallow….gradually, you get used to it and then as the show progresses, you start to like it.

The characters of the leads are all very distinct, we have the defensive/offensive cleanliness freak Tae Ik, the friendly, always smiling Kang Hwi and the strong, nurturing and motherly Man  Ok.  Of course, through the drama we see their character development and all is not as it seems. Both the male leads come from pretty broken family backgrounds and Tae Ik’s arrogance is really a farce to cover up a very fragile and sensitive personality. We see his sweet and gentle side when it comes to love as well as his struggles which he hides: the burden to gain back Full House ( he’s actually really sentimental….aww)  Then there’s Kang Hwi who seems to be always in a good mood, always ready to cheer anyone up but we see that this sweet and smiling disposition is nearly a form of escapism for him, to ignore the reality that he is becoming blind and the lack of love and acceptance from his family.  Man Ok…well at first seeing her strong personality and decisiveness I really liked her as the heroine. She was pretty much a perfect character. I thought to myself, okay good, this girl’s not whiny or helpless, she makes up her mind, is actually useful and has a strong personality. But then we see her fault of being ‘ too nice’,  her inability to explain  and her high expectations. We see she causes all the misunderstanding that drifts her and Tae Ik apart. Yet here she feels that Tae Ik should trust her. and let her go to Kang Hwi. Well, somehow knowing Tae Ik’s past experience that’s nearly too much to expect, but she does anyway. So we see her selfish and demanding side too. she’s not perfect, but then again….no one is.  The very different personalities especially the guys, when they come together just clash and it’s hilarious watching them bicker and squabble. Being in the same group and acting all buddy buddy on stage but off stage being at loggerheads. The humour is surprisingly hilarious! and that’s rare coming from me since I find most things not funny…..Also, I really like the emphasis on fashion too, it’s really enjoyable to appreciate the different sets of clothes they wear. Especially on Kang Hwi who’s the ‘ fashionista’ on the drama.

I also love how this drama touches on themes about the current Kpop industry and Artist Management. With some analogy to the popular stereotype of the current big guns in the industry YG and LSM. Bum Soo is like YG, really nice and caring and focuses on talent while LJ portrays the mean, slave driving LSM ( just the general rumour, I’m sure he’s alot nicer in real life) who packages artists in shiny boxes and makes them appear perfect but behind that there’s just so much crap that goes on….Also,the cheesy but meaningful names- Take 1, Take 2, Only 1…..I could genuinely imagine a newbie Kpop group being called those names. I mean here we have B2ST, Miss A, SiSTAR etc.

So right now, I’m wating for the last 2 episodes of this drama. It’s kinda sad that it’s coming to an end but yet I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds. Currently I feel so bad for Kang Hwi! I know he’s being selfish holding Man Ok back against her will with the sympathy vote but at the same time I feel that he genuinely needs her? I mean in an industry which  is so fast paced and thrives mercilessly on perfection, he does need someone to depend on especially now when he has to go on with normal activities fighting this potential blindness. It must be tough and Man Ok is the only person he can trust and depend on. In ep 26, 27 it was quite heartbreaking to see Kang Hwi totally break down in front of Man Ok because all this while he’s just been bottling up everything and acting smiley in front of everyone. He really has trust issues….hiding all his problems from everyone, even himself but Man Ok. I don’t know but although all people can say is how selfish Kang Hwi is, I think in a way it’s really sad. He knows that Man Ok likes Tae Ik but he’s trying desperately hard to keep Man Ok by his side. And the part where he leaned in to kiss her but stopped himself just shows his understanding of his position. He knows he’s being selfish but….he’s probably thinking….is that too much to ask? Just for this period of time….stay with me. Because he knows that eventually Man Ok will go back to Tae Ik. :/ so sad…the woes of the 2nd male lead. He reminds me alot of Yul from Goong though 🙂 who is…still one of my fave antagonists in dramas. Tae Ik on the other hand, it’s so sweet seeing him chasing after Man Ok and heartbreaking to see him getting hurt because he has no idea what’s going on. But I don’t feel as much for him as Kang Hwi because you know that ultimately, there will be a happy ending for the main couple…which we will find out by the end of next week!

Can’t wait!!