Fate Zero

January 7, 2013

So it’s been some time since I’ve blogged about an anime! I’m actually kinda missing all this reviewing of shows that I did for a bit last time. Hence, I shall revive this hobby of mine 🙂

Anyway, I finished watching Fate Zero. I must say it was pretty intense and exciting. It reminded me of the Hunger Games in the sense that it’s a competition where all the players are contending for the Holy Grail ( quintet-wizard tournament?).  I wasn’t really blown away by their philosophies about life. No, but it was pretty cool how each Servant and Master had something which called them to the tournament. A reason to be in the fight, something they needed to change in life. For Rider, he had his unfulfilled wish of going to Okeanos but actually, this mystical place is like a physical embodiment of that eternal glory which he always seeks but will never be obtained or satisfied with. However, when he dies in the end, he hears the sound of the waves of Okeanos and he is at peace. Symbolically, he is at peace because he did his best and died a glorious death, reaching his destination.  For Saber, she finally understands why she failed as a king- she never showed her knights her leadership although they never doubted her character. In fact, it’s because she’s too kind that she drove Lancelot to insanity….basically she wasn’t much of a leader and took too much upon herself that it made everyone around doubt her and her abilities. Misunderstood kid. She was one of the coolest Servants though, in Singlish it’s what you would call zai. Lancer, sigh I really liked his noble character, kind personality and his Code of Chivalry, it just sucks that he was killed off so quickly :/.

Archer or Gilgamesh, his appearance is beautiful. really, he is very handsome ( see above pic 🙂 )but just so, so arrogant, conceited, self absorbed and sweetly sadistic. He really couldn’t care less what happened to others as long as he was in some way entertained. The part where he was sipping wine watching Kariya go through a mental breakdown….like seriously?? that’s not even human. He didn’t even care about the grail…all he wanted was to add it to his treasure trove. I have to tip my hat off to his Noble Phantasm, Gates of Babylon though. It was just such eye candy! I was always waiting for him to fight just so I could see that magnificent sight appear. It’s so cool gosh. That gold, shining brilliance which shoots flaming swords, arrows, hammers and hurls out chains. :O honestly it’s the coolest weapon. Best part is, it’s invisibile! so you cannot see the size or vastness of its treasure store- Just the beautiful golden pool like openings for the weapons to shoot out 😀 As you can see…I’m a bit obsessed..whoops. So aside from his awesome Noble Phantasm, Archer really doesn’t have any other attractive points. I have to give it to him though, in the last episode when the Grail was about to be destroyed all he was concerned about was how the very significant event was disrupting his ‘ proposal’ to Saber, I literally laughed out loud. He’s unsalvageable, his ego is truly sky high. Caster and Ryuunuske…what an insane psychotic pair. That’s all i can say. Blasphemy and Worship = Praise to God. That philosophy says it all…They’re TWISTED. and hence they died…still twisted.

Okay so now for mentionable servants….Kariya! Antagonist and underdog. He doesn’t appear much but you actually end up feeling really sorry for him because he’s tragic. He really was a good person but was driven to such a bitter end because of his love for Aoi. His love, i would say drove him mad like Berserker. Come to think of it, Master and Servant are perfect for each other in this sense. Till the end, I was sympathetic towards him, suffering so much for nothing. His love for Aoi also blinded him though, blinded him to see what it really was that made her happy. In the end it all backfired too, to the extent that Aoi did not even recognize his feelings for her. So betrayed 😦 Kirei…haha he was just pure evil. Always trying to fight it but in the end the Grail made him realize his true nature. It’s quite sad really to come to a realization that you have not a speck of good in you. I don’t know, him laughing maniacally at the end actually made me feel just tiny bit sorry for him. His evilness is shown so plainly though especially when he gave Rin the dagger as gift, that being the same dagger he used to literally backstab her father. Talk about Dramatic Irony. Kirei must’ve been enjoying every minute of that. Kiritsugu! Well…what can I say, this man’s life was a real tragedy. He killed solely for the ideal to save many. He entered the war thinking that all his killings would be worth it, that in the end, he’d be able to achieve total peace on earth. In the end…what a lie. The Grail was corrupt and all his sacrifices were for naught and ironically, he ended up killing more that he saved. Exactly the image the Grail showed him. In the end, he only managed to save 1 boy. That’s really pathetic considering the millions of lives he dreamed and envisioned saving. The disillusionment must’ve been torture…because it more or less destroyed his very logical and nearly robotic decision making ways in which he had been living his life.

All in all, the anime was awesome. Lots of good action, I really liked the tournament style and all the special abilities and diverse personalities of the characters- the crazy, the righteous, the chivalrous, the love lorn, the idealist, the innocent, the evil, the proud…..and all these personalities come together, rub off on each other and give birth to all sorts of conflicts, realizations and conversations. All the different powers too….coming together in a display of mesmerizing lights and colours.

So anyway, I’m glad to have finished watching this. Glad I didn’t give up at episode 9 which I nearly did. It was a joy ride that I can only describe as shiok.


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