Missing You: My Thoughts

January 24, 2013

Missing You or I Miss You…I don’t even know where to begin. It was melodramatic with a plot that kept you hooked. More than anything, I kept watching episode after episode because of the investigative nature of the plot and the bits of a mystery that unfolded bit by bit after each episode. Who killed Kang Seung Deuk? What’s going on? We all know who the main baddy is but we all want to know how it was done. I must say, the scriptwriter did a great job using such a technique to keep everyone in suspense.

Characters: They’re all such broken people.  But despite that we see each of them, as broken as they are struggling and striving in their own way for a better life and a source of happiness.   Jung Woo waited for Su Yeon, Su Yeon escaped and Harry plotted revenge. Each of them decided that what they were doing would bring them happiness although in the end, only Jung Woo’s paid off. Su Yeon, in her attempt to blot out the past did find momentary happiness in France with Harry but in the end, she still had to face her demons. And we all know what revenge results in- tragedy. Instead of a review, this post is mainly to express my opinions on the main characters and their relationships.

Harry- Yoo Seung Ho’s character. The antagonist and the bad guy. I must admit that one of the main reasons for persevering with this drama was because of him. He was such an interesting character! This is probably the first time I’ve seen the obsessive, cold blooded nearly bordering on psychotic antagonist take stage in a korean drama. Usually, I’ve only come across them in fan fictions. Yoo Seung Ho did a great job portraying him, I mean it doesn’t hurt that he’s really handsome and glam even when he cries 🙂  But through him, I saw Harry’s obsessiveness, child likeness, extremity, pride and hurt. Kudos to Seung Ho and the child actor who played Harry. The stubbornness and extreme feelings that Harry often covered up with a calm and cool demeanor were all traits that remained consistent with his character. It was interesting how a calm, cool appearance masked a whole vault of anger, bitterness and hate. It’s like you could never tell the depth of his hate just by looking at him but then now and again you see the slightly deranged look in his eyes and you’re convinced there’s something very wrong.

Yet at the same time, especially at the start, his kindness and gentleness towards Su Yeon was so sweet. Rather than calling all that a farce, it was evident that he definitely loved her….or wanted to love her to be loved back. He would do anything for her and when he gave her his precious silver chain with the key, it just showed the extent he would go to for her. All in the hopes that he would be loved back. Even though he knew she didn’t truly love him, he was patient. But despite the grandness of his gestures, what he had for her wasn’t true love, it was obsession with wanting to be loved by her. I guess Su Yeon in a way was also Harry’s beacon of hope and happiness. The only good thing in his life and hence why he tried so hard. She gave his life meaning and without her, he thought he had nothing. It was really heartbreaking watching him fight and try as hard as he could, even willing to give up his own life to obtain her. The irony being that it was his efforts and his hand that eventually drove her away. When Jung Woo told him that he had ruined his own chances of being with her…ouch…I wonder how he must have felt. It really must be the worst feeling when you realize that you can’t blame anyone for your demise because you destroyed it by your own hand.

Now to the relationship between Su Yeon and Harry. The director made it pretty obvious from the start that what Su Yeon and Harry had wasn’t romantic love. Although they were introduced as ‘ lovers’ and were acting all couple-ish it was obvious that, that was not their true relationship. For one, Harry never obtained a kiss from her. It was  quite heartbreaking though…that scene :/ Such unrequited love….But the scene also showed their true relationship. The way Harry clung onto her was like a kid clinging onto his mother. Su Yeon, always being the one to comfort him was like that of a big sister protecting a little brother. There was no sense of romantic love even though they held hands, hugged and said alot of romantic phrases to each other. I would say that Harry had a bit of an Oedipus complex. He lost his mother, the most important person in the world to him and Su Yeon was like a replacement. There was no sense of emotional support and reliance that comes with a relationship. It was rather one sided on Harry’s part. He relied completely on her but she never relied on him. To Su Yeon, he was probably always a younger brother…not a husband. On a side note,  I loved the way he looked at her in the early part of the drama ( meltable). It completely summed up his feelings towards her. Sadly, that look disappeared as he grew more crazy.  It’s unfortunate…the couple actually looked really sweet together at the start of the drama 🙂

This is in contrast to the relationship Su Yeon had with Jung Woo. We can see them relying on each other emotionally and there’s give and take in the relationship. I really liked the way that the director used actions and gestures to contrast the 2 relationships even though this ended up making Harry seem pretty pathetic because it provided so much more insight into the understanding of their relationships than dialogue ever could.  So, now onto Jung Woo. What can I say? He’s like the perfect guy and the representative of real love. It is selfless. He put Su Yeon’s happiness and welfare before his and would do anything to make sure she was happy. Compare Harry’s obsessiveness- he would do anything to try and make Su Yeon love him but he didn’t really care about her happiness. In the end, it boiled down to benefitting himself. Even when he said he would die for her, he didn’t and wouldn’t have pulled the trigger until she at least looked at him. Harry didn’t truly lover her, he truly wanted to be loved by her.

The Jung Woo and Su Yeon couple received many fans because their relationship was just so pure and beautiful. They were perfect for each other. Yoo chun’s acting has also improved loads, once again, both him and his child actor were totally in sync. Same goes for Eun Hye and her child counterpart. I must admit though, that sometimes their lovey dovey-ness was draggy and the whole thing where Su Yeon loved him but kept using the excuse that she hated him did drag a bit as well. It was like….okay we get it, get together already, let’s move on! Still, the actors were really good.  Obviously, I’m Harry/ Seung Ho biased 🙂 I can’t help it, I almost always find the antagonist so much more intriguing and interesting to watch.

Also mentionable is Su Yeon’s mother. Wow….her acting skills are dae bak. Her emotions were just so raw and so intensely portrayed, I felt like the actress was going to get a heart attack every time she cried. When she weeped it was so dramatic and so….real. The hurt, the devastation and the hopelessness which the mother felt due to the family’s tragic circumstances was just so intensely portrayed. If it doesn’t move you…I don’t know what would.  So yes, kudos to her for her very commendable crying scenes.

At the end of the day, Missing You was a very exciting and intense journey. I don’t think it was the best drama overall because of the draggy romantic development and the extravagant amount of time invested in the Jung Woo Su Yeon relationship..although I guess fans of the couple really wouldn’t mind one bit. However, the suspense and mystery aspect of the main plot with the drama’s main theme of Love vs Obsession definitely makes it a worthy watch.


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