Random Mood

February 5, 2013

The Magic Bottle

Familiar faces and Friendly smiles,

We had differences and several misconceptions

Like a bunch of factory made marbles thrust into

An empty bottle

We clicked and clacked,

Rubbed against each other like we loved each other ( sometimes not so much)


Yet we managed to have those laughter coated conversations

Those random hi’s and byes that brightened my mornings

And made me look forward to classes coming

We sang about nonsense and talked about circles and stars

To think of it now, we were a bit of an odd mix ( despite our very standard appearance)

A combination of uniqueness that will never be found again

Especially not in that boring, rigid factory I was made in


I’m going to miss this bottle

And the magic of its existence

It brought freshness to the air

And wind to the summer heat

I don’t want to go back to the factory

Where life has spoken and played its hand

It only serves to stifle and reproduce,

Producing clones that only bring out the worst in me.


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