Shine, Shine, My Star

March 21, 2013

Oh shine, oh shine, my wondrous star,

Oh star of love, you welcome are.

Here in my heart are you the precious one

No place for more: there can be none!

Tho’_a million stars light up from high,

On cloudless nights, both earth and sky,

‘Tis none but you, my wondrous star so bright,

That shine on me such glorious light

Enchanted star of love divine,

Of cherished bygone days of mine.

But come what may, in my tormented soul

There shall you stay to keep me whole!

How brightly beams your heav’nly ray.

Shine on my paths of life today.

Forever shine! Ev’n on my grave afar!

Oh brightly shine, my wondrous star!


so hauntingly beautiful…


3 Responses to “Shine, Shine, My Star”

  1. Andrej said

    If you want to here one version of the song performed by Anna German here is the link.

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