April 12, 2013

Stumbled onto…A NEW MECHA ANIME by Sunrise!! ย It’s been so long! SO EXCITED NOW. Looks awesome + it stars some of my favourite seiyuus, has an awesome opening by TM Revolution + Nana Mizuki and pretty decent looking characters! It’s got the whole Gundam feel ( Duh same comp) ๐Ÿ˜€ but I hope it doesn’t disappoint!!


Zenkai Girl

April 9, 2013

Okay so I have to pen my thoughts on this drama before I forget! 3 words: It was awesome! I realize that there’s so much criticism for this show online from other viewers which is a bit sad because I thought most would’ve enjoyed the show as much as I did. Well I’m guessing one of the reasons for that is because the lead male and female don’t have the typical role in a relationship. Instead of the charismatic, hot, sometimes overbearing guy who sweeps the poor, kind girl next door off her feet, it’s reversed. Wakaba’s strong, knows what she wants and is overall a very capable woman while Sota is kind, gentle and a bit of a doormat. This was one of the reasons why i wasn’t immediately attracted to the show as well but I ended up being pleasantly surprised. It ended up being really refreshing to watch the pair and they are such a lovely couple with great chemistry! Both in their interactions with each other and their personal characters. This drama’s strength is definitely in the characters. The characters are all so loveable and well developed here with the exception of Shindo…i do kinda wish they developed him a bit more but oh well moving on…

I loved all the characters especially Ryo! Gosh he’s come a long way since 1 litre of tears. He acted so well as Sota here! Despite his character having some moments where you really just want to throttle him and ask him to man up, he gives that bashful, adorable smile of his and all his forgiven ๐Ÿ™‚ But really, it was so enjoyable watching his character. Maybe just because I rarely see a doormat character as a lead- he goes all out for others, sometimes too much at his own expense but Wakaba helps him to find confidence and self worth in himself to pursue what he wants. I could actually really relate to him in some ways ๐Ÿ™‚ I find Wakaba’s personality pretty inspiring too. Also his crying scenes were so impressionable on me that I can actually still remember them- 1. When he gave up his chef dream to search for Pitaro, omg I felt so bad for him then and you could see in his eyes how much it cost him to give it up :/ 2. When Pitaro’s mum left and he broke down knowing that he had manipulated Pitaro into choosing him. He made me cry so much there. :/ SO KUDOS Ryo! He actually won Best Supporting Actor for this role ๐Ÿ™‚ so..well deserved!

On the contrary, we also see how Sota exerts his influence on Wakaba and helps her to see that success doesn’t necessarily make you happy and helps to remember her roots and remember how to love and care for people around her because somewhere along the way, she ย  got too caught up with being No. 1. I’ve never seen Wakaba’s actress before- Arigaki Yui…but I ย do think she did well playing Wakaba- who at first seems a pretty straightforward 2D character but is actually more than what meets the eye. ย I love how the 2 leads, in their interactions, develop their own personal characters and bring ย the best out of each other. So great! I mean I guess that’s how an ideal real life relationship should be too. Also, it’s so fun that they really are complete opposites but they still compliment each other so well.

Then the kids! Hinata and Pitaro….omg they were totally adorable! It’s unrealistic how they have these pearls of wisdom coming out of their mouths at what….5 years old? But it is just sooooo awesome and bad ass. They are definitely alot wiser and mature than their adult counterparts. Again, I didn’t watch this drama because I don’t really like kids in shows as they usually annoy me but the kids here ended up being a total joy to watch! I love how they’re the main catalyst trying to matchmake Wakaba and Sota. and it’s so cute how they have their own love story going on as well ๐Ÿ™‚

Hinata’s mum whoever the actress is did a really good job as the no nonsense, cold,career woman whom as we find out is a warm person inside. We see that she actually does care for the people around her but she doesn’t let her softness take over her wits. She’s a total pro!

And AHH, nearly every episode has a touching/heartwarming end or moment which was nice ๐Ÿ™‚ The only criticism I have for this show is that towards the end….let’s say episodes 8-11 dragged a bit. I guess it was because Wakaba and Sota just WEREN’T getting it. After 8 episodes of steamy chemistry it hit the lull point when both characters like each other but don’t get together and start having these awkward encounters because they both do oh so very dumb things. Wakaba continues on with her ridiculous engagement and Sota chooses Soyoko even after Wakaba confesses to him. At one point I genuinely thought that maybe this drama might end differently….like how Pip and Estella ended up in Great Expectations. What would happen is that regrettably both hide their feelings and go down their (wrong) chosen paths and when they meet again, it’s bittersweet…where there are so many feelings and just hardly any words. All those wrong decisions would’ve made more sense and it would’ve all been worth it but…nahh what was I thinking? It’s essentially a typical rom com.ย It just ended up being quite frustrating andย a bit of a drag watching them get past that stage especially when the reasons for the standstill in their relationship were a bit lame and best part was that everyone else was frustrated too and so they had to orchestrate the situation for them to get together!ย 

The ending episode was really sweet though I did nearly want to punch Sota when Wakaba proposed first! I was like, come on, you gotta be a man when it comes to the proposal at least! Thankfully he did end up proposing and it was such an ‘ awww’ moment. I like how they both ended up doing the things they really wanted to do while their love still remained strong. So sweet when they met up again in the restaurant ๐Ÿ™‚

Overall, I really enjoyed Zenkai girl although this drama, it’s definitely the characters and not the plot that you really fall in love with!ย 

So just randomly, decided to revisit the first Japanese artist I liked way back in late Primary and early Secondary School-GACKT. Thinking back about it, I have no idea how I came across him, especially at a time when I was really into Mando/Canto pop. Anyway I forgot how awesome it was to listen to his voice till now! his voice is amazingggg. So powerful, emotive and unique XD If only my computer hadn’t crashed and I hadn’t lost all those songs….I remember the amount was nearly discography worthy. thank goodness for youtube. Going through the youtube videos has jolted my forgotten sensations of listening to his songs, so nice to have them back.:)ย Anyway, here are some of my favourite GACKT songs….still love them even now!:). ย  my faves are mostly his ballad tracks. [ yes some of his videos are erm slightly disturbing, i always thought so. But…the music is great!] Also, admittedly, he is pretty hot ๐Ÿ˜›

Such a powerful song!

Another epic one ๐Ÿ˜€ and live!


beautiful song ๐Ÿ™‚

I remember when I saw this MV, i thought woahhh….so different from his normal weird and dark self.

First ever song of his that I listened to! was creeped out by the video but….yeahh, obviously i wasn’t deterred.

I find that I like this song more now than I did back then!

The ONLY song I saved from the com crash..and one of his best! ๐Ÿ˜‰ the unplugged is so much better than the original. In fact, it is a world of difference. Never listened to the original really.

Ahh there are probably loads of his other songs that I enjoyed before but have no idea what they are now…at least till I hear them again hehe….

OMG. THIS ONE! it used to be on repeat for me ๐Ÿ™‚ love it! ( first time I’ve actually seen the MV)

Woosh! and now i’ve wasted an entire morning…..dissertation calls :/ or rather, lunch calls first!


April 4, 2013

Love, love, so much love

hearts, cotton candy, birthday cards

and of course ย your pretty words,

cursive script and acrylic design.ย 

who knew you’d actually take the time?

It’s cold outside and the wind stings my eyes

But looking through your assorted gifts

leaves me warm and fuzzy on the inside

Love, love so much love,ย 

pity that it was only a song of yesteryear

Now that love has floated away like a little red balloon

and all that memorabilia sits dust covered in my room

Yet looking at them makes me smile and remember

those precious moments when I was happy and so much happier.ย