Somewhere In Between

March 3, 2014

Turn Left, Turn Right

There we were, across from one another

Engrossed in tales of other lives; yours and mine

you talked and gestured, I listened and smiled and

Vice versa

Somewhere between words and time were fireworks

Of such rare delight


It had been 2 cups of coffee and more

But we were still playing the same game

you asked ridiculous questions in all seriousness and I answered with care

How unusual (you thought)

Somewhere between logic and chaos was chemistry

Of a unique kind


Through our tales of woe and triumph

joy and comedy,

it wasn’t hard to see that we walked two separate lines.

you had your worries and I had my future;

different directions

Somewhere between the awareness of futility was attraction

Of a subtle type


The cups were removed and the lights were dimmed

I asked you where you lived and you said ‘ it’s a bit far out’

Somewhere between our farewells and smiles was an understanding that

time had run its course.


I turned left and you turned right,

As the space between us grew wider, so my heart grew heavier

In the face of impossibilities, I still hoped that somewhere, somehow, our lives would once again