The video is a beautiful recollection of this wonderful journey that has been the Lord of The Rings saga. It also more or less sums up what I’m feeling now. On a side note, it’s amazing that Pippin is singing the song!

Wow so I finally watched the last of Peter Jackson’s 6 movie Tolkien epic. Wow, what a ride it was. So many years, so much effort by PJ and his team, the actors, in the press conference, Orlando Bloom said that he was just 21 when he was casted for the first LOTR movie and now….he’s 37! I thank PJ for creating the epic saga that is the Lord of the Rings. There’s nothing in movie history that even comes close to it.

Anyway, the last movie was a joy ride. As a movie, it doesn’t really fit the criteria of what a good movie should be but it was fun anyway. Lots of war, grandeur, cool ( if not too staged) fights and nostalgic scenes that serve as a good introduction to the Lord of The Rings. Even though this is quite superficial, the most memorable part of the movie for me was Thranduil and his elkback. It definitely was a scene stealer. He looked so cool riding that magnificent beast amidst the battlefield. In Japanese, this would be the phrase- 立派なものだ!The antlers of the elk were so beautiful too. Well, that aside, I have to say I’m pretty satisfied with the last movie overall- I liked how they spent more time focusing on each of the individual characters this time. This being the third movie, you do grow attached to the protagonists and can’t help but cheer them on and watch in anticipation as they fight evil. So that was also fun.

Now all that’s left is to watch all 6 movies in the chronological order that they were meant to be in 😀 can’t wait. As Peter Jackson said , ‘it would be 24 hours of awesome’.